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January 25, 2010


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Oh how I would love to win! And if I don't, I'll still have you photograph my family :)

Jody Petit

I love Give Aways, and I love your photos!

Sarah Lumadue

I have seen your work before and I just love your taste.

sue Treiber

Julie, you shouldn't say 'giveaway' with an adorable photo of your daughters below it. People might get the wrong idea :)
I would love to win!


Oh my goodness Julie! This is awesome AND congrats on the new little one that's heading your way in June!


I want to enter! If I win, I'll find a way. :)


You know how much I love your talent!!! I would love to WIN this as Isabella’s 3rd Birthday is coming up and we need to have pictures take...I hope my name is pulled :~) Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Tina A.

I'll go Leanne's route....if I win I'll make it work! What an awesome giveaway. BTW, funny about the giveaway right over the girls.


Ooooh! Please count me in adn if I win I'll find a way. ;) And thanks for the chance! BTW I saw your mom on Saturday. ;)


Add me in on this one! I'm sure I'll be there sometime this year!!!


This would make my year! What an AWESOME give-away!!


I would LOVE to win....What a great giveway. I love to look at your amazing pictures.

Emily Halonen

Count me in! I would LOVE to win a session of my little one... your work is amazing! I love to look at your pictures!! :)


Count me in. I would love to have a family picture taken.

Kelley Popp

I'd love to have a family portrait taken by you Miss Julie! I am one of your biggest fans!

Tara Jalandoni

I'd love to have a family portrait taken. We haven't had one since our kids were younger.


Awesome giveaway! I'd love to get some nice pictures taken of our little family or of my little Adrian!


You know already how much I *heart* your work Julie and I have a new little one to add to the mix! ;)
And OMG you're pg - I didn't know!! CONGRATS!!!!

Kelly Forsyth

Great giveaway! I have 3 kids and would love a good picture of them.


I have never been to your website before. I got lost for the past hour browsing through your photos. They are truly beautiful! .


What a great offer from a great photographer! Count me in!


Wow, what a great giveaway! I would love to have a chance to win! Please put my name in...and then pull it out on the first! :)

Tracy Jonas

Wow ! Your work is really awesome. I would love to get fun creative photo's of my kid and one of my doughter for turning ten a moment that you will never get back. Its hard in todays economy to afford something like that. I saw this give away on my Facebook from a friend. So I thought what would be my chances? I don't know so I thought I would try. Thank you for having something like this...

Traci Nofs

Free giveaways are always cool. I've seen Heidi's pics, they are awesome!

Traci :)

Julie Jerome

The picture you posted is beautiful. It would be great to get a picture of my two little ones.

Alyssa Bunch

I would love a chance to win. :)


I would love to win! I have an 8yr old niece and a 4yr old nephew that are in need of some pics together :) The pics would be a great gift for my sister whose Bday is in February! Pick me!!! Thanks :)

Kelly Vandellen

Okay Julie!!! It would be great to win a session, I am SURE I could find something for you to photograph!!!! PS. could your kids be any cuter?

Emily Murray

I want to win!! Fun! :)

Suzanne R.

I would love to win!

Kassie Sheffer

Count me in!

Tammy Lassila

I have a new baby that would love some family photos done! Hope we win!

Anne Heinonen

Count me in. I would love to have a family picture taken. Now to figure out how to get everyone home at the same time!


That'd be a great reason to make a trip down...of course I'd hold the baby (and watch the others) while you photoged mine:)


What an awesome giveaway, who wouldn't want to win some of your wonderful photos ;) lol at Sue, only for her would you have to put a disclaimer!

Amanda K.

I would have cried if I missed my chance to enter this giveaway! Yay!! Hopefully I'm the lucky winner, but either way, I do hope to set up an appt. with you this year.


What a great idea Julie! I would love to win of course...I have been thinking of when the right time would be to have you take some pictures for awhile now and this would be such a nice little bonus! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Sue Pazur

LOVE your work, Julie! I would love to win!

sue Treiber

Yes, much better!
My SIL is pregnant with her first baby. I would love to give this as a gift for her:)


How very nice of you Julie. Add me to the hat please.

Kim N.

Julie - Just emailed you about setting up a session -- maybe I'll win this and combine it all. :-)


Cami Storm

This is a pretty sweet give away I must say...sign me up. : )

Kelly Yoder

What a great idea- what wonderful pictures!

Emily Dennis

First of all, Congrats! And second of all, count me in! I would love to have you follow my kids around. :)

Rene W

I would so love to have someone other than JCPenney or Walmart to capture my cuties. Please enter me!

Brittany Kinnunen

I love your pictures. I look at your blog often and admire your work!!

Michelle L'Esperance

I have two adorable twin baby boys that love to smile for the camera! :)


Count me in julie>..we all enjoy your blog over here:)

Julie H.

Never had a family picture taken and the youngest is six. It is about time.

Nora O

What a wonderful giveaway! You beat the pants off of Walmart!

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